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Far, far away

I don’t want

I don’t want to
I don’t want to be perfect
I don’t want to be nice
I don’t want to be lovely
I don’t want your advice

I don’t want to be what you’re expecting
I don’t want to be something you want
You just don’t let me be myself
Right, my dear parents, friends or aunt?

Who are you to expect something from me
You remind me to be perfect every day
May I expect something from you?
No! Cause’ you’re perfect anyway

So thank you for reminding me,
otherwise I might be happy,
otherwise I might be free
And please just imagine
how horrible that would be?!

How would it be if I just go?
Never come back and let myself flow
There’s no one to criticize
No one there who wants your advice

I want to go, you’re not worth crying
Year per year a part of me is dying
I really don’t want to live like this anymore
I’m going, I’m going and that’s for sure!

You’re just seeing my failures
But where are yours?
I’m one of the worst creatures??
Now I’m leaving you behind the doors

And please don’t wonder,
like you don’t know
I’m going because of you
and your “power” you had to show

“You don’t know anything” you said
Never something like “you’re great”
Ever thought that I’m growing?
No? So that’s why I’m going.


6.2.07 00:56

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